Vermintide 2 Respawn property

I want to make this really quick but is this property even useful? Like in anyway is this good?

It seems worthless. Im making this because i want to know if anyone actually see’s a use for this and also why don’t they just swap this for something like reload speed? Because that would actually make me decide between crit chance, curse resistance and all the other actual useful ones.

If they introduce Last Stand, that will be where it has some value. Normal game, not so much.


I can also see some potential in a situation somewhat similar to VT1’s Last Stand, where healing items are extremely scarce: Deprivation Deeds, especially if combined with Sudden Death. As Last Stand, I’d probably equip it only on bots even then.

In any case, its usefulness is very situational, and certainly not worth pursuing.

And just for added clarity, the Property is Respawn Speed. At the moment I don’t remember which piece of jewelry it’s in.

Generally speaking, any trait that ties its effect up to something bad happening before is, essentially, a waste, because it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. A small permanent bonus is always preferable to a large situational bonus, since there are a.) no guarantees the conditions will ever be met and b.) if the conditions are met, the impact is questionable. Sure, everyone dies in this game eventually, especially in public quick plays, but if it is something that happens so regularly you’d consider taking respawn speed with you as a an ability on your jewelry, you should be playing on a lower difficulty. Revive speed falls into the same category, even though it is a bit more useful when fighting bosses or Lords.


I’d rather take something powerful that will help me in a bad spot (say zealot’s cheat death ability), than a small flat bonus that helps me everywhere. I don’t generally need many buffs when things are good and even sub-bar choices suffice. That said faster respawn does next to nothing to save a bad situation.

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What alternative is there to the death cheat ability, though? If I get it for free, I take it, sure. There thing is: almost all abilities in this game that give you some kind of “tight spot” thing are outshined by other choices you get all the time. All those “You get x when you’re the last player alive” shouldn’t exist in the first place or have their condition changed to something more common.

Honestly this could just end up pointing out all the wasted trinket/weapon attributes. I’d rather have something like

+Dodge + 5%
+Unbreakable block while equipping a shield
++0.1% attack speed on kill (instead of health trait at level)*
+Shoulder barge (can push elites)

These are just off the top of my head and offer more valuable and viable choices than respawn a bit faster somewhere in the distance.

*actual percentage pulled from my arse.

Conditional modifiers will always need to be better than unconditional ones to be useful. Some conditions are fulfilled often enough for them to be quite useful, like carrying a Grimoire. Others are too rare to be normally used (e. g. last man standing). Some are between and the real usefulness depends on the actual effect and interaction with other stuff. Running out of ammo on a primarily ranged character (who produces more ammo all the time to boot) is a useless contingency. While being disabled happens often enough (it seems to apply to being downed, too), and being able to stand more damage in that state is useful, allowing your buddies to kill your disabler faster isn’t, as if they cannot kill it normally before you’re out of the picture, they aren’t likely to do it with added damage either.

As @Licious-D said, having a conditional thing that depends on you failing (and honestly, having to be rescued is a major failure) is bad, especially if there’s another option that can prevent that failure. In this case, Respawn Speed is in Trinket, and there competes with several of the game’s best Properties: Crit Chance, CD reduction, Movement Speed, Curse Resistance, Stamina Recovery and even Revive Speed (which would be good enough if not for its competition). And as one slot is nearly always occupied by Curse Resistance, this leaves five better options that are either simply stronger or far more often useful.

And yes, there’s a lot of stuff to be tweaked in Traits and Properties too. No need to go any deeper here, the topic is about a single Property and there has been conversation about other balance problems before, and will be later. I’d suggest at least waiting until the next big balance update.


This is possibly the most sensible post I’ve read since 2007. You win the internet this year as far as I’m concerned. Go have a pint of strong lager.

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