Vermintide 2 - Patch 2.0.8

They never listed them, so could be anything…

Hey, professional developer here. You can’t (or shouldn’t) release your product with so many bugs, and… 20$


Agree with “shouldn’t”, obviously disagree with “can’t” =p

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Well, if you go with the ‘can’ way, you have to be ready for angry players in the forum and loose a lot of sales and reputation… and more sales :wink:

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I video game industry it s not that rare saddly, look at for honor release …

the audio bug i’ve described in 2.0.7 audio is still there in 2.0.8

i think fatshark broke something big O_o

Also, how come your test environment runs better than your Live?
And while we’re at it, how come you break the SAME things over and over again every time you do a major patch to your game?

Audio fixes and improvements. The dream. Berserkers are less likely to be sneakier than Eshin assassins now.

probably becuz fatshark programmers are like notch from minecraft and are clumsy XD

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Welcome to GIT world and how to manage your branches. But should not be the game bugs problem.

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TLDR: “We don’t know how to do version control or merge code together. Sorry, but actually not really sorry. That’s just how software development works.”

… sigh.

I really want to support the game, but the utter mismanagement makes it so hard. How many times are we supposed to look past this kind of stuff?


You have an alternative game in this exact style?

Two Halescourge runs today in legend after patch, and two wins with full books… its seems like there is less beastmen, do you feel the same?

Deep Rock Galactic, Left 4 Dead 2, Killing Floor 2, Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition, Strange Brigade



Lmao, how about chill out? They’re pumping out bugfix patches multiple times a week, have a little patience.


The game worked before they broke it, though. The 2.0 update was never production-ready and should have been released as an opt-in beta branch. It’s still not ready for prod.

Fatshark does not deserve patience from any of their customers on this.


Wow. Apparently it’s unreasonable of me to think a game shouldn’t get worse after an update? I don’t understand why that’s even slightly controversial, but okay.


Enemy damage boosting on weave 91~160 ignores barkskin. I want it fixed next patch

None of those are melee-focused. Personally, I could take or leave the 4-player co-op part. I mostly love how good the melee combat is when it’s working properly. Been playing The Forest with friends, and god . . . the combat is just so bad.