Vermintide 2 - Patch 2.0.15

when is drachenfels coming X3?

First map with season 2. Last I hear december…ish. the other two maps will follow later.

That is true, happened to me too, now no one is save to attack an attacking berserker/monk xD

I just wrote a feedback about this berserker stuff. Kind of funny that I was aggroed by them without line of sight (they came for me from behind a corner which was approached by another ally, but they just simply ignored that player). But the most funny was today’s play: 3 berserker killed a player who was revived by me, during the animation éhen the player stands up. We were in voice, he said he had no block to use, not because they broke it, instead of he could use it due to the animation.

I think these tweaks are just “better and better”, I dont know if this behaviour is intended or not, but if it is i think it’s a dead idea like the sound for rattling and flame. Or if it’s not intended that means a fix for not facing the player caused a change in behaviour what strengthen the sad thing in me: FS devs cannot make a single patch without causing more trouble (unfortunately after a week there are almost 30 bugreports, I posted 5. And the experimental went for a week).

Have you seen the angled berserkers yet? Spawn a few in the keep so that you can be on a different height as they are, and they will truly try to face you. Instead of their face turning toward the player, it was probably mistakenly applied to the whole unit when in the frenzy animation. “The madman’sBakraz’s horizontal” would be a great shout from Bardin at that point.

Which ties into this. I do appreciate the beta I assume if it wasn’t for their holidays they would’ve taken more time to patch things found during beta, but some of these things just show you that a dev codes a fix that “should work” and first time it is tested (unless it crashes the game on launch, every time on every PC) is when it’s live.

As this berserker bug is a good example, let’s use it. Checking for the fixes / changes made would have required only one player, a bot or two, their debug tool to spawn one, and see what happens. I suppose their debug version is unbundled and the scripted side can be run without any additional steps after a change is made, thus (assuming the debug version startup time is fast and doesn’t require to build the bundles etc) it’s a matter of a few minutes to check changes like this one. While testing is its own thing and something devs should not concentrate too much hands on, a quick test of each change is the least you do as a dev. The horizontal part might not be noticed unless the test area has elevation changes.

Anyway, I’m not too serious about this despite reading this post probably sounds like I am. The direction with the beta is good, both in terms of a process to keep bad bugs from live version and also as a single patch that improved the game a lot with fixes that had been reported by the community. Discussing about what happens at Fatshark when it comes to development / testing / whatever is mostly just for fun, with hope at the same time that things only get better. Which, again, the beta was a good sign of.

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It is bad mechanic, and I doubt it’s made like this on purpose, it never worked like this. It’s just another bug.

And that’s not even talking about their bugged weird sometimes unpredicatable jumping.

It’s bad mechanic because it’s not about skill, now you can’t really dodge the combo and slap em etc. You have to wait for them to finish the combo and then attack or just slam them with some ult. Even when the zerker is attacking someone else, attacking him is risking getting random insta-switch-slap.

When one plays twitch and gets wave of zerkers it’s nightmare to fight em normal way. (meaning without some bs mechanic like one clicking the whole wave with BW and waiting few sec to kill em all)

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crazy how this “fix” to enemies doing combo attacks not facing us did all this. i jus think its funny how often their models are horizontal now locked into full combos while on different levels relative to the person they’re attacking. super cheesy looking