Vermintide 2 - Patch

If leaderboards are the only reward we need, then why add the big pink frame. because rewards make people play and compete. Nothing to be done about it for this season, but maybe some ideas for season 2.

Well, the 500 deeds portraits is not specifically linked to a period of 3 months. It’s still a challenge to actually reach 120 (as you know this, because we did play together =p). Doesn’t need to be seasonnal.

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Ok i understand that completely. i guess i misunderstood the reply from Julia then.

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See above, there was a specific rewards found in the files, and not announced officialy that were to be given to the top of the ladder (like one for top 10, one for top 50, one for top 100 for example). They changed their idea (and I think it’s better like this) :stuck_out_tongue:

That was my mistake Mattie, I was tired and misadvised. That said, it was yesterday night so unlikely to have been too distracting. It’s not like that conversation happened in August :slight_smile:

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If you define distracted by staying up 7 more hours to try and optimize our score on quartet and trying to get a good rank on trio, then yes it was distracting. I’m hoping it was a miscommunication in the company, and im sure it won’t happen again, Season 2 can only improve :slight_smile:

I never thought this is going to stay forever… still hope it is seasonal.

For that I do apologise.


Leaderboard will be frozen, but can we keep going for portraits…?

Picture taken right now. So, yes.
Quests for season 1 are all still available, too.

Backend errors are back at the end of a mission.

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Hi Hedge

So you’re the PR guy and we all know you can’t answer any question but what I would really like to know is:

Do you plan to hold another Balance Beta?

What would you do differently in the next BBB in contrast to the WoM beta?

What would you wish of us the community or would like to tell us?

Thanks in advance for any question you can answer.


Would love to see this at least in the next Q&A

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Any ideas on getting more people in the cats queue? Maybe not behind a pay wall? My main way of getting a group is to queue with bots and hope that the few people who trickle in don’t leave when the bots make us lose. Thoughts?

PS this is the same reason I don’t play weaves, quick play bring garbage.


I wish there was a way to take back the WoM DLC and re-release it differently.

  • Cata behind a paywall = bad idea
  • beastmen dlc = ok
  • weaves dlc = ok

So at least you can choose and not, for this time really, split the community.

If you could buy separately what you want to play with, it’s totally fine!
Either way the community’s split. But it’d be our way to decide and the more positive numbers would be on FS’s side! I hope you know what I mean: I don’t bought WoM because I don’t care about at least one option this “dlc” offers. It just provides exclusion…!

It’s set in stone now, maybe they could work on a solution to free Cata from monetisation with at least a “shillings” - compensation further on for those who bought WoM.


If cata behind a paywall is a bad idea because it splits the community, I don’t see how weaves dlc are a good idea as a dlc. Following the same logic, it should also be a mode available to all, as it also split the community.

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Well, I agree with this. Cataclysm is literally the end game where players, wich have bought Vermintide because love this gamepley, will play at the end of their journey.
Weaves are a separate mode. A player could love standard game but he could hate weaves. I was forced to buy weaves… but I don’t play them. So included them in WoM doesn’t help to not split the community.


Cata and the paywall is a bad thing for me, because the “split” in the playerbase is more severe here! The core game is that mode players will always return to.
Either way, when a dlc is released the playerbase is split somehow. That’s how it is. No one’s happy with everything for 100%!

Weaves will always be a “thing” on the side to create fun, diversity and to loosen up the main purpose of this game! Nothing to really last as long as the main campaign.
Like I said: players will always return to core.

So for me it doesn’t feel right to hide the endgame behind a paywall and it would’ve been fair to split up WoM into 3 different things a least. That’s my opinion.
I hope you understand what I try to say!


How the hell cata behind paywall is bad thing? You can’t go into cata without skills and after that amount of hours to get that kind of skills you can throw some cash at them for making this game good enough to make you go through all that


I described that above.
I admit that things might look differently if I’d be able to have the option to choose between those 3 “offers”.
None the less: for now my point stands.