Vermintide 2 Fandom Wiki - Requested updates

Just finished updating the Okri’s Challenges wiki page to include the missing Sister of the Thorn and Warrior Priest of Sigmar challenges. Haven’t really been someone to edit wikis before however I don’t mind taking the time to edit/update missing or outdated information, especially if it’s Vermintide related. Just making this post to gather any suggestions of pages that anyone wants updating. Not expecting any replies but hey it’s something I can do to give back to the community and help support this game I love so much, thanks guys! :slight_smile:

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Sister of the Thorn now has a cosmetics page. Copied the layout from Krubers Mercenary Cosmetics page. Hope the screenshots are good enough to show them off.

Might complete Warrior Priest’s cosmetics page a bit later, gonna take a break for now, suggestions welcome. :slight_smile:

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Warrior Priest cosmetics now done.

Also updated the pictures of the Tome and Grimoire with some higher quality images:


Just want to say that I appreciate the efforts laid down to keep the wiki updated and thus functional.

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I hope this is the correct thread for this.

But is there somewhere on the wiki where one can find the breakpoints for different enemies on different difficulties? I think that such a list/guide would help alot of players with their builds.