Good afternoon, I just wanted to play through a laptop (but you understand - if you eat, for example: in the Village or to someone you know). I installed the game as usual, launched it - it was fine … But there were problems with the server. I deleted it, then I decided to play it, installed it again, launched the game, and then some kind of error got out, they say, some file is missing …
Tried a few tries, but you know how it goes…
GUID: 1a55283f-5040-493c-a5a6-5c005435ea69
Log File:
Info Type:

Here console-2022-11-26-15.19.21-28e3fbef-b99c-483f-bda9-aee14f0b07e9.log - Google Drive

Please install the latest dot net from Microsoft and REBOOT your computer

This article is intended for Vermintide 2, but the solutions are much the same: