Crash After Launcher, Cannot Solve


I bought this game for a friend recently and after clicking start game in the launcher it crashes each time. We have been going through the pages that describe the same issue and none of the possible solutions are working.

Is there anyway someone could look into this? I have pretty much purchased the game for nothing at this point :’( .

Thank you for any help that can be offered.

Aight i am no pro at this stuff but i guess i can ask some basic stuff.

So given that the game is new i assume there are no mods involved yeah? Those are prone to causing problems after seemingly any update.

Have you tried validating files via steam? You do this by right clicking the game in your library > properties>local files>Verify integrity.

Have you tried a clean reboot then trying again? Sometimes weird stuff happens.

Well that´s all from me, the ladies&gents of Fatshark will have to look at the rest.

I`ll tag two of them that i know often help with this kinda stuff in hopes of summoning them over.


For this one, I’d try to run the game.exe directly @Gilanii

\steamapps\common\Warhammer Vermintide 2\binaries\vermintide2.exe

It should still error but it will tell you which DLL file you’re missing (as that seems to be the cause of the crash). If you can try that and post the result here we can help further. Don’t install any dlls from a random fixit website.

My guess if you wanted something to try as well, would be to follow this guide:


Thank you~! I’ll pass this on once he gets back from work and we will try to find which file he’s missing.

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