Various bugs

Bots will not assist bots grabbed by a life leech on recruit.

Grail Knight won’t get temp health on kill when he kills an enemy with a crit using the crits execute talent.

On Ulgu? weave map it is possible to jump off the cliff and get outside of the map as the fall won’t kill the player. The location is a rock jump a small ways up from the teleport out.

On Righteous Stand at the second grim area a monster can spawn. On the platform that has the lever/The jump into the window has a crate next to it on the left (right as you crouch into the room). If the monster is pushed onto the crate it dies instantly.

Bots can stuck on maps by standing on place, stuck on objects (War Camp is best example on this one), all bots run after elites leaving player alone what dont have place before.

Also Outcast Engieneer after using his ult constatly switch betwen minigun and other ranged with constatnt crankgun reload sound.

Pinging is broken; can only ping things in front of me(potions, books, ammo sacks&crates) while cant from distance including enemies.

There could some optmalization done to; noticed I have bigest framedrops when fire shows up(bombs and Sienna abilities) and if have enabled full lighting options.

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