1. If a player is joining, and the bot they are taking over has items, all items get removed from the bots inventory and don’t transfer over.
  2. Some bots show an absolute refusal to give healing potions, bombs, potions etc.
  3. A situational bug(?): On Forbidden Trail, I have a Morgrims Bomb and a Potion of Endless Bombs. I go down and get wiped due to a monster, so my Grail Knight bot picks up my items. When another player, Bardin, when to go get me, both had low HP and were getting backed into a corner with too many elites, and GKBot refused to throw the bomb and save Bardin and allow me to be rezzed.
  4. Bounty Hunter refuses to shoot his Ult even when looking at enemies. I’m sure this has been around forever.
    All to report this week.

This is chaos wastes i think? Fairly sure it was working in QP last i checked.

They will not give healing potions if you do not need to use one by their standards for whatever reason. Other supply handovers tend to depend on if they have targets nearby and their mood.

Not a bug, bots do not use bombs at all.

Bounty bot basically only shoots specials and monsters with his ability if i do not recall wrongly.

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