Stuck on giving potion, cannot change weapons/defend/ability

When I passed potion to teammate, this happen.
I in that position for over 5 minutes (we had to finish the level and load into next for my weapons to return)


Yup. You can also choose to get killed, and after respawning you can fight again and use the ult.

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I also had this yesterday. Two of us got it when giving a (cursed?) potion of endless bombs to each other.

Tip for you: one way to reset it without dying is to pick up a barrel and throw it. After that your weapon will teleport back into your hands.

I would like to stress that this is a serious problem. You are quite defenseless when it happens - cannot attack, block, use potions or bombs, or ult, nothing.


Where: Chaos Wastes, Expedition 01
When: Map before finale, also during finale.
Action: Handing Endless Bombs potion back to a bot (Bardin IB).

I (HM) had Item Dupe chance boon, and was trying to shed inventory to dupe a Morgrim’s Bomb. The bug happened while handing a potion (Endless Bombs) back to a Bardin IB bot who had given it to me - character hands froze in some frame of the trading animation.

These actions stopped working:
weapon hotkey, inventory fwd/back, enemy tag, bomb, potion, health item, attack, block

These actions still worked:
movement, dodge, jump, special ability

I reproduced again accidentally in the finale, thinking it had been a fluke… but it was not. You are totally defenseless, it’s pretty bad.

(Also, popping Endless Bombs with a Morgrim’s bomb in inventory is a total bummer.)


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