Can't switch back to weapon after giving a potion

I gave my infinite bombs potion to a mate then I wasn’t able to switch back to my weapons or any other item anymore. He then gave it back to me to try to fix the issue but it didn’t work. As you can see on the screenshot I am stuck in a stance as if I were holding the potion but there is none…

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Hey! This bug has been known for a while… happens only with this potion and can be fixed if you pick up a barrel.

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Has been reported literally more than 10 times now. Not much point in re-reporting over and over at this point.

Ok, didn’t know

Understandable. I’d just recommend doing a quick scroll through the bug report section or search a key word to see if your issue has been reported before. It doesn’t hurt to give FS reminders of long standing bugs but when a recent bug has been reported this many times it’s probably a bit superfluous.

Alright, I’ll consider doing so for my future reports.

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