Stuck in potion carrying animation after handing Endless Bombs Pot in CW

It has happened numerous times, and only ever when I hand the potion of Endless Bombs to someone. I am stuck in a potion carrying animation but without anything in my hands, and the only remedy is for me to either die or fall off of a ledge. The latter remedy is something I found out from a couple of other people who have encountered the same problem.


I really hope this gets fixed soon. Another bandaid way to fix it is using a boon, weapon or upgrade shrine.

Getting knocked down didn’t work for me.

It affects bots too.


I haven’t played in a while but how is this still a thing… ?


This has been a bug since the Dec. 10, 2021 Warrior Priest update (Patch 4.5) and has been reported multiple times. I’ve linked below the reports I found posted here in the Fatshark forums. There are probably even more reports in the Vermintide subreddit and in the Steam forums. It’s still a thing since the last patch, Patch 4.5.1 didn’t fix this bug.


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