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I’ve seen you run this defense of “it has some new works” in a few threads now. Are you a undercover CM or just a corpo bootlicker? this doesn’t change the fact that by giving some, and new players at that, the funny money that there is an imbalance in buying power for the same game. they get to pick and choose what items they want, and get to save it for new times that have yet to even be made. this also doesn’t account for the fact that they got more than enough to buy up to 7 sets with the funny money, while the compensation is only 4 sets. all of this done at a time where they release a fan favorite set, while also increasing the price to those who held on to the funny money for a year cant even but one set. oh and dont forget its for “pc player” not “steam player” so if somebody has gamepass they could have just booted up the game on PC and gotten the “pc player” compensation for free on xbox as well. several people have shown proof of this.

If you are fine with this “compensation” that good for you, but please don’t try to defend this blatant imbalance of version and system bias that is giving xbox players more for the same amount we paid for.


Just stating the facts, man.

He raises a valid point though; it’s a time-limited promotion for an Xbox-exclusive console release. Someone had to provide a compelling incentive to get FS to make the game exclusive (and available on Game Pass), and the shouldering the cost of a bunch of in-game currency would be one such incentive.

I feel like a lot of people here are mad at the idea that FS are playing favourites, or have willfully accepted the potential lost MTX sales from the free Aquilas, which I think is a bit deluded - it’s far more likely that MS are footing the bill (in large part, or in full) for the effective value of those Aquilas, and MS is obviously going to play favourites with Xbox/MS Store because… they’re MS platforms.

This seems to insinuate that people playing on MS Store are somehow less entitled to the bundle. Is that what you’re trying to suggest?

Realistically, the failure here was the cutoff date, not the eligible platforms. Playing on Steam/MS Store before 4th Oct would have been the correct thing to do.


All they did was show a lot of players who pre-ordered on steam to help the game out during the start and stayed by it with all of the game breaking bugs not to buy the next game or give them money, Hope it was worth it scumshark

I don’t care to go over all this again, but I’ll just say that my life was made the slightest bit better, not worse, by being able to play DT over the past year. I’m not bitter that I had, and took, the chance to play it (over and over and over) before the Xbox launch.


While I’m sure they considered the possibility, I don’t think “the game won’t go live on all platforms on day 1, and the first year will be a sh!t show” was their plan when they secured the exclusivity deal.

Although, if the game went live on all platforms on day 1 and MS platforms had the bonus Aquilas… :skull_and_crossbones:

Next time, should FS just go it alone with multi platform and nobody gets any freebies? And please don’t say “I don’t care because I won’t be buying”, because I would like to know

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Honestly, there are other ways to get people to buy the game than MTX. Free XP, heck, free ordo coins and melk money would’ve been plenty and pretty excusable under ‘giving people a leg up with the new system’.

Honestly? If the Vanguard Bundle had been what Xbox players had gotten, I would’ve been slightly miffed at the exclusivity of it, but it wouldn’t have been remotely close to how I feel about the aqulias charlie foxtrot.