Unused beta key, looking for ways to activate it

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Hey everyone, I got myself in a pretty stupid situation here and since I don’t know who else to turn to, here I am. I got a beta key for the game back at the end of 2017 but the beta is naturally long gone at this point. Is there any way for me to get the game with the beta key still? Just got the game recommended today from a friend so I went to look if I had it from Humble Bundle. Turns out I did but only a beta key. I know it is probably pointless but I figured I may as well ask since I don’t want a payed for unused beta key to go to waste. I even have a DLC for the game but can’t claim it since I don’t have the game itself. Here’s the unusual part, the beta key doesn’t work on Steam as it is much smaller than usual Steam keys. The redemption instructions says to go to the page
but when I click to it it gives me a can’t find the page error.
The funny part is that the DLC key is a normal Steam key still. Anyone that can help me or know who to go to to maybe exchange the beta key for a normal Steam one? Thanks in advance for all the help!

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…You paid for a beta key back then? I think you´ve been trolled.

That or it was just thrown into the bundle as an extra with little actual value.

It was on Humble Bundle as part of the Christmas bundle in 2017 with a ton of other keys, so it wasn’t a troll. I have been using Humble Bundle for years now. But it was probably the whole little actual value part considering there were a ton of other stuff in there. There were some really nice games, but the issue is solved regardless thanks to one of the fatsharks so it is all good :slight_smile:

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