Beta is over?


I prepurchased the expansion. The email mentioned access to the beta. I downloaded the game, but I was unable to start it because the beta is over.

What is going on? I was able to use a previous voucher for the beta phase that I’ve received by email.

Thank you!

It seems you are using the beta launcher, you have to use the regular launcher.

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Calling it a beta is misleading to begin with. You’re not supposed to test anything (since that’s what the previous 2 betas were for, allegedly anyway), you just get to play the expansion before others do.

It’s more appropriate to call it Early Access, since, that’s literally what it is - early access to the expansion.

Calling it a beta insinuates that it isn’t a finished product, so as to have an excuse for any bugs encountered (of which I have seen a few reported here on the forums).

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Okay thank you! One question: Why did I have to do the tutorial again?

I almost freaked out and thought that all my level progress was gone!

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