I'm disappointed, nothing more

I love this game so much that I have over 2000 hours of play time, 1000 of which I went through hell with my friend, we played (things, deeds?) with twitch, kept playing onslaught with other mods. When the beta was announced, I was really hoping that we could explore new things together… I received an invitation (thanks Fatshark) but my friend was unlucky… And today I saw a guy with 30 hours in the game, in the beta (of course, time is not a mandatory criterion), but why is the world so cruel? :frowning:

Account sharing intensifies

I think I’m obligated by the ToS to say you shouldn’t do it though.
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There’s a gaming news site literally giving away beta keys btw… just saying.

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Well from a Producer standpoint it would only make sense to invite people from all points of the game.
That way they get a lot more diverse criticism.


If u were in the Beta u would be disappointed by the beta…so far it’s just a new level of stupid

I didn’t get a beta invite, but it’s ok because I’ll likely get a pvp beta invite and get to play against the devs when they stream :slight_smile: hehe :slight_smile: it’s fine that I didn’t get a beta invite guys :slight_smile: hehe :slight_smile:

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If it’s Alienware Arena you’re talking about, I just made a long review for Vermintide and instantly got flagged form spam. lol

There’s literally people doing “upvote me so I can get my beta key” threads.

Count yourself lucky you got an invite haha. Also in the 2K hour bracket but no invite :frowning

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