Alpha/Beta Tests?

@Fatshark_Hedge Any plans for Alpha or Beta testing?


I certainly hope there’s a community alpha/beta. I wouldn’t mind being a lab rat for the game.


I’m in, where can i Sign Up?!




There undoubtedly is group testing being conducted but i highly doubt any tests at alpha stage will include wider community, it would probably be only friends and family at the broadest, closed beta stages might include some community members and that’s about it. Everyone else will have to wait for public betas.

TL;DR i doubt there will be any community tests for at least next 6 months.


I hope there’s an open beta near to launch - that’s what got me and my friends into VT2 in the first place and I think it’d have the potential to draw in a lot of people who are on the fence (either about 40k or the game in general).

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I haven’t done a beta in over 20 years. Back in the old days I got asked all the time. Just got tired of it. But for this game, yes please. Sign me up I like to help with input and giving alternate views. They don’t have to be liked, but are things to ponder on or adjust. I do enjoy playing devils advocate.

HOW TO sign up for the beta test? and when is it planned?

All the vermintide betas im aware of and participated in were very loud, on all the platforms (forums) and emails even. With plenty of chances to try and volunteer to participate.

We are probably really far out though bc alpha tests are usually hot messes with all kinds of terrible jankiness that would turn the unwashed masses off from the game before they got a chance to show it in its almost final and much more polished state.

An example is the dead matter alpha footage, looks super bad - imagine seeing that and thinking that’s what the game is lol.

Hope so
Beta in Vermintide sold me the game :pizza: :pizza: :pizza:

After WoM I’m much less keen on bothering with beta feedback

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