Put me in the beta if theres any

I been (mostly) a good boy, i won’t spoil any d a.


Same. I’ll take Xbox or PC please.

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pretty please


Wasn’t there a beta signup like 2 years ago?

insert dramatic pause while I go looking

If not:

Oaw, I don’t remember if I had subscribed to it

Wait, there are no alpha talk init

Given how they delayed it a while back it stands to reason that they are still mulling over it internally thinking about how they wana do it. Probably ran into some difficult stuff somewhere along the line.

Otherwise one would guess that the alpha or beta would be known to exist by now.

Pretty pretty please :pleading_face:

i would also like to be in the beta :slight_smile:

where do i sign up for the newsleter? i would do almost evreything to get my hand on a previwe for Darktides for series except talkin bad about Fatshark :wink: QQ.

I pledge my game testing abilities and will respect all nda requests

they spewing out so much content right now. its like an astropath telling me the first beta is near

Beta plz, Beta plz, Beta plz, Beta plz, Beta plz
:grin: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :kissing_heart: :smiling_face:

I cannot wait to get my hands on the early the better for all really let there be room for lots of testing its the only game I have any real interest in

There will be a beta for the simple reason that they need to test how much player the server can handle in the hub for example. The question is when? If they’re doing it like they did for V2 it will be like 1 month before the release with multiple closed and open beta. We need to be a little more patient sadly… :slight_smile:

vermitde 2 had two seperate betas, one was just not open for public iirc, i remember going mad that i didnt had time to play much during closed beta haha

Probably theres going to be a beta for the people who pre-ordered it, wich i am not part of, i will have to wait for the front buyers to tank the damage to see first if its worth of 170 brazilians because boy that price is a hard swallow, theres better be enough content behind it.

I hope they announce a Beta soon; we have a lot more free time to give meaningful feedback over the summer :sunny: :nurgle:

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