Beta signup notifcation?

15 days ago people could apply for Beta testing for new content via a form that you had to fill out (see announcements)

Did anybody got accepted already?
Or is there any date, when we would know if we were chosen or not?

I “assume” they will start accepting people as soon as they have content to be testable. This could still be weeks or even months away. Maybe there are already small groups running tests. But these come usually with a NDA.

So I think you will know when you are chosen but you will never know you are not chosen.

I think this is a @Fatshark_Hedge @FatsharkJulia moment.

Yeah if you signed up and saw the thank you page then that’s the only notification you’ll get until a time comes when a test opens up and you’re in the group. Frustratingly they can wiggle their way into a spam folder so always be checkin’. It’s always worth checking spam folders anyway as they’re not the smartest things :slight_smile:


…was it for Darktide… missed it!



No, it was for V2.

It’s still open. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Considering Hedge’s response, I’d say it’s lying. But yeah, the sign-up is indeed open. Let’s just @Fatshark_Hedge again.

Soz, what’s the question? (pardon my ignorance!)

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Is sign-up still supposed to be a thing? Enraged pointed out that you can still sign-up for testing.

oh, yes, absolutely :slight_smile:

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