Did anyone get in a closed Beta after the signup?

Just wanted to know if actually some people got in the testing Beta? Haven’t heard news after the signup…

Probably Partner streamers got in Beta as they already know about new patches months ago, but what about non-streamers?

PS: It’s no feedback, but didn’t found a better category to post this :open_mouth:

Not sure if Patches are getting tested at all. New content most likely is. I meanto remember some people discussing that they have been testers for Grail Knight. We also know that WoM had an internal Beta / testing round. So I would assume that all major content updates are tested, maybe even by several independent groups.

However, there is the chance that testers have a NDA and aren’t allowed to discuss this. I fear FS are the only ones who can give you a conclusive answer if (and what) testing has occured since then with the help of people who signed up.