Why is no one playing the beta?

I know the main patch is out soon, but I was expecting more people to show up given the turnout for the weapon balance beta. Especially since beta patches effectively act as preloads.

I thinking of reverting back to 1.5 because every time I try to play there are roughly 3 people online and everyone has terrible 300-400+ pings. I can’t even get my dailies done and even the (improved) bots are iffy on legend.

I think people are just busy man, its that early spring time of year, lots to do! I know I havent been on in about a week.


Well there are 2383 people playing right now with a daily average of 4100, and the monthly average has increased since october. So the population is fine. It’s just that no one is using the beta, assuming there isn’t a bug or other issue with the game I only ever see 1-2 lobbies up with a single player in each, and if I join them they never fill up.

I don’t play beta cause I don’t want anything messing with the mods :3 You never know, maybe they fixed a little thing that break a whole mod


'couse there is no cool weapon or talent tweaks in it. You basically playing beta to test bug fixes, there is no fun in that


Pretty much with @SaintPhilipp here. This beta didn’t bring any big changes with it that’d be interesting to test out. For me, the only thing that’d affect my gameplay would be the Career Skill one, and even that’s a small one, and doesn’t change much.

Sure, there are a lot of bugfixes both on maps and otherwise, but beyond a few crashes, they too are relatively minor. But other times the betas have heralded big changes: DLCs, BBB, and so on, and allowed people to test them out before rolling them to live.

So yeah, there’s really nothing to draw in people to the beta this time, and only those who really want to help debugging it (or modders who need to check compatibility) try it, or at least stay in.


Honestly, I didn’t understood why this was made a beta.
My group patched into it, made a few runs and then we decided to opt out since there was nothing that would have improved our game.
Also the art could only be picked up by one person, so that sucks.

there are some minor changes only in beta
that’s why players are not getting into beta

We’re putting this out for beta this weekend with the hopes we can identify any problematic mods as well as assess general stability ahead of a full release next week.

This patch lays the groundwork for the Anniversary update coming later

From the beta announcement post. So in this case, it’s more meant to find the worst issues (like the art one) and as a chance for modders to check their stuff than for big testing. Issues have already been found, so it’s worked.

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My group just got sick and tired of having to deal with the art issue (few of us really want those badly) so we went back to live after couple games.

Why would I? Considerably less people, and no incentive to play it besides bug testing.


To me it just looked like a heap of bugfixes, why in the world would i bother downloading a heap of possibly unstable stuff with no real new content and the stuff i already have is working great?

If @Fatshark_Hedge and the others wants bugtesters they´ll have to provide some incentive,because there was absolutely none to be found, , especially not when i heard that the work in question loaded with frustrations x)

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It’s nearly impossible to finish most missions in the beta. So that could be a reason… I did the beta the first day and found tons of bugs in the first game. I find it rather strange that the FS Devs didn’t notice these bugs. Such as the super intense brightness on some maps that actually hurts your eyes. Or the fact that nearly every single switch, lever or cannon, pretty much any interaction object causes a crash. Loading into maps like Rightous stand means you can not finish the game, as the cannon will d/c you. So you just quit.


What are you talking about? How should they? That’s what were doing. Just shipping it = :ok_hand:.

Now in all seriousness exactly because of this it’s necessary for them to do it. I don’t know the reason but there hasn’t been a singe update that didn’t contain at least one bug that wasn’t basically impossible to oversee by playing just a few games.

But I guess employing 4 people to game is heresy and I honestly don’t have any problem with this voluntary play testing. I just want to note that a bit larger time span wouldn’t hurt and if you want to debug your updates you really have to play test the entire update.


I can agree with that. Other games like World of Warships give people rewards for playing a certain number of games on the test server. Maybe add some beta only quests that reward people for sticking around? The only issue there is that you can’t just reward people for finishing X quick plays because the might bug out and crash before the end.

At least one thing Fatshark did get right, when I opted out of the beta all I had to re-download was 15mb instead of the whole freaking game like some other companies I’ve met…

Incentive to beta test doesn’t necessarily mean in-game rewards, though. People participated in the BBB and DLC betas because there were interesting new things to test out and you could actually access new maps and such before actual release (without losing any progress, of course). This time there aren’t any big changes to test or new content to see, so there isn’t any real reason to take part beyond actually wanting to help. And while that willingness to help find problems is enough reason for some, together with the beta side being likely populated by more experienced people, it also isn’t really worth it if your friends stay in the live version or if you just want to play normally.

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I don’t use my own time to beta test software for free. Would you expect it in any other industry?

People are just far too used to being played as gamers. Early access / beta test / pre-order. Be a sheep if you want to.


Same as @arknox wrote.
No rewards, so why should I bother? The time I spend in the game is the only free time I have, so I’m grateful that at least this time, the debug session wasn’t pushed on my shoulder.
My point of view is different than @Yzneftamz one. If this was a pvp game/mmorpg game, probably, jump starting others would have been enough, but being a coop game, I can enjoy the new things at the right time, without the time consuming debug hassle.
And as @arknox wrote, we (all the gamers, not just here in V2) should stop to accept being unpaid betatesters.

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I was thinking they could do double rewards on chests as an incentive but then what good is that when the beta is so half baked and broken it doesn’t even allow you to finish a level.

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Just give a portrait frame for playing the beta for a certain amount of hours.