Unchained - Instant Overcharge from a Raider Running Attack on Legend

Side note: This is with Form of the Fire Wind too.

I feel like this might be a little overboard. Yes, the running attack should be punishing, but not punishable with death from full health. I think bosses don’t even have a single attack that can do that. Even Stormfiends DoT won’t murder you unless you already have the bar filled somewhat.

Truthfully I never noticed it in my 355 hours of gametime till one game earlier where it happened (luckily had ult), the situation of getting hit by one might be rare, but I feel like the game should never ever murder you from full health with one attack anyway.


I could understand if the attack was heavily forecast but it’s basically dead silent for me most of the time.

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This is clearly not working as intended, seeing as overcharge has the mechanic that when below a certain threshold, no single action will put you over the edge into detonation mode.

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