Sienna Unchained - Exclude DOT effects from Blood Magic passive

After playing Unchained for a little bit I feel like the kits actually pretty good and I’ve been having fun with it, however whenever I encounter DOT effects like getting vomited on by the Troll or get blind sided by a poison globe, it will more often than not result in my overcharge skyrocketing and blowing myself up before I can react.

So in essence I 'm suggesting excluding DOT effects from the Blood Magic passive and have them deal damage as normal. In it’s current state you if get unlucky once, your cooked, and holding the class ability for the sole purpose of maybe being able to vent and get yourself out of the area of effect in time is, for a lack of a better term, lame.

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Now that you mention it, I have noticed dots (in particular globadiers, but also bile troll puke) make my overcharge meter go up extremely quickly. At least with trolls I’ve learned to dodge/sidestep when they go and puke, but globadiers are sometimes more unavoidable damage.

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Trying to ress a grimbearer in a tense moment when they’re neck deep in globerat and bleeding out is a deathsentence most of the time. Had to choose to just eat the explosion and ress them since I was running NB and holding a medkit however. I wouldn’t say exclude them entirely but it ticks up -very- rapidly on your overcharge.

i disagree with this. the class feature of unchained is that you take 50% damage and the rest of it goes to overcharge which can be vented and managed. DOT damage works in the same way.

if you’re blowing up when taking tick damage from dots, it means you’re playing at dangerous overcharge levels and not giving yourself any leeway for mistakes, and when mistakes do happen… remember that you are still taking 50% dmg. that’s huge.

my opinion is that this can be fixed with playstyle, and the mechanics are intended and should remain as they are.

I have to disagree with you there, when your dealing with a horde and a gas rat spawns you don’t have the luxary to vent enough heat to deal with the tick rate. Using R is not an option with mobs present and gaurding vs grunts does very little to make a dent in your overcharge meter vs the dot tick.

I’m generally working between 0-20% which I would say is probably the goldielock zone, even then at 0% your talking about maybe 3 secs till you reach nuclear. It throws the overcharge managment out the window.

Granted I’ve not unlocked the cooldown talent for the career skill yet so thats probably working against me.

any character in that scenario would find it really hard to survive. in that situation you described, it would be the perfect time to use her ability and move out of the gas! clear overcharge AND clear the space for you to move out, win!

So. Yes, holding R in the middle of a fight is viable and might be your only play in a desperate situation. You need good judgement and fast swaps, but it will save your life, as it has done for me many times. If you just got out of an AOE and are about to explode from the DOT, stop what you’re doing and vent. Maybe push some rats, get in a safer position, but you need to vent. It is entirely possible to push, quick swap, vent, switch back to block in less than 5 second without getting hit, even when semi surrounded. Learning this comes with experience, but is invaluable.

You are correct - guarding against trash does little for your overheat bar. Yet it is important to remember the reduced block cost you get during high overheat. You should look into building some more block cost reduction through items (potentially getting to 90% reduced block cost), meaning you can block basically as much as you want. There is no rush - it might take trash some time to help you get your overheat down, but it is worth it. Combine this with venting mid fight and you get what you need for managing the overheat from AOE. An aggroed SV near you can be extremely helpful for removing a big chunk of that overheat. Additionally, her lvl 10 stamina regeneration talent got buffed in 1.0.5. You get where I’m going.

It is true that on Legendary the AOE effects are quite noticeable - they do a lot of damage. However, you are exaggerating a bit you do not go from 0 to 100 in 3 second. You have ample opportunity to react as long as you are not at, say, 80%. If it is clear you’re gonna explode (and even when its not) switch to staff and vent. Remember, your green bar is a resource used to heal your HP (the overheat bar). Additionally, consider building protection against AOE and using staffs with the 20% less overheat trait.

Every time a globe rat throws, a character calls it. When you hear that ‘Globadier, throwing!’ sound cue, dodge. Troll puke is extremely easy to avoid (again, simply dodge sideways) and the only time you should be standing in it is when you absolutely have to, ie doing a fighting retreat against a mob halfway through boss. Even if you do get caught up in AOE, managing overheat is in fact possible.

And yes, the cool down talent helps, but even then a lot of the time you will not be able to rely on your ult. And once you learn how to play her, you will choose to vent instead of ulting.

Unchained is incredibly versatile. Venting is a key mechanic for her. In many ways, she is easy to play (well, maybe in Champ), but hard to master.

The stats I’ve been running have had focus on block/push angle,reduced block cost and the 20% less overheat, so it’s good to know I’m on the right track in that regard. After checking out the dmg reduction vs AOE it turns out it maxes out at 30%, previously I thought it was a flat 10%, so that will be worth exploring further.

Unfortunately the audio ques are a bit hit and miss :rofl:

Agree that venting midfight and such will keep you from overheating but I’m still forced to leave a fool to die even if they’re holding a grim if they go arse-up in a puddle of slime.

As for taking damage from a gas rat or fire rat etc etc you can still vent while it’s ticking and shouldnt be getting hit 95% of the time so I agree that it’s not really so much a general gameplay issue so much as it preventing certain things regardless of your heat percentage at times, I don’t run AE reduction because I’d rather avoid it in the first place, the tickrate just sucks for me in the above situation

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