Unchained ?bug?

TL;DR : Taking lethal damage after triggering overcharge death while being crowd controlled will kill you twice and a row - with no way to prevent it

When you’re playing unchained, if you get caught by an enemy, you can be dealt enough damage to max your overcharge - but if youre being crowd controlled, you dont explode until youre back in control. You can still take lethal damage though.

So, if you get caught by CC, its possible to max your overcharge, die WITHOUT exploding because of overcharge, and once you get picked up, since overcharge wont decrease when maxxed, you die right after you get picked up - again. Please fix this. You shouldnt have to suffer two deaths in a row just because you got hooked.

unchained should really be able to prevent her overcharge death by using her ability, but you can use it when youve already passed the breakpoint and you still die, even though you cleared your overcharge. This might alleviate the problem but it wont fix it.

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