Unable to refill Briar Javelin ammo

I am unable to refill the Briar javelin ammo, I can refill ammo by having the effect of refill ammo on headshot, and the skill “The Pale Queen’s Choosing”, but cannot pick up ammo drops or ammo from crates. I can pick up other items, and the glitch only applies to the Briar javelin. I have tried switching to other classes, the glitch applies, I have switch to bows that use ammo, and I can pick up ammo for the bows.

Hi @JakV,

You can recharge your Briar Javelin ammo by holding ‘R’ - Javelin ammo doesn’t work in the same way as other ranged weapons (Bow, Crossbow, Pistol etc.) with ammo pickups, and instead works more similarly to Slayer Bardin’s Throwing Axes. Admittedly the description could be clearer - we’ll look into this.

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