Getting lots of "hold r to reload" messages when using the javelins and i have played the game for 1000s of hours

I didnt have time to screenshot the problem. Yesterday i got no messages and today i got it 5 times during one game. I have not changed any settings anywhere on my pc or in the game.

I’ve not played with javelins or throwing axes for many patches now so idk when this started happening.

Edit: Just played another game and the same message pop ups on my screen “hold r to reload” another 3 times.

I think it’s there because of the common problem with Throwing Axes - people kept complaining about “running out of axes” because they didn’t know they could actually reload. But the messages become unnecessary rather fast

Or do you mean there are even more of them popping at once?

Yeah been noticing this lately with throwing axes, very distracting

I haven’t played with either in a while, but doesn’t that only happen when you’re looking at an ammo box or bag ?

Nope. It was happening in the middle of hordes during vanguard twins nowhere near any kind of ammo.

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