Am I supposed to reload when i pick up ammo?

because the game always reloads my gun when i pick up ammo.

Post this in bugs, with your logs/ fill out the info they ask and maybe someone can find a solution.

What button is your reload?

The only thing I can think of the game does have staged reloads. So If you pressed it at one point and swapped to melee when u switch back It will continue to reload.

Hope this helps!

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i don’t know if it is a bug, i play on controller, but im assuming it is with you?

I don’t feel like it is a bug but maybe depending on opinion.
It is because you play on the controller. Reload and interact with item are defaulted to the same button. I assume you can map them differently. I haven’t tried because thought is was kind of useful and didn’t think to separate them until reading this. I play between controller and a keyboard and noticed the same thing.

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is it the same on keyboard?

No, sorry for the confusion. Only on the default controller mapping.

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it doesn’t do this for me and i game with a pad sometimes too.

did you rebind?

sorry, haven’t been on for a while.

no i haven’t rebound anything besides separating dodge/jump on keyboard, should have no effect on gamepad though.