PS4: Handling Outcast Engineer with controller

Hi everyone,

the Outcast Engineer made it finally on consoles and is a really good class and an enrichment for the Ubersreik 5 in my opinion, but his gameplay suffers extremely from the controller configuration. While holding :purple_square: or X for reloading his ability you can’t move the right stick to look around (only in a very uncomfortable, uncontrollable and imprecise way). This makes the whole gameplay very inflexible and unsmoothly and because of that it’s nearly impossible to use his full potential, cause reloading is an OE’s essential mechanic, but actually it feels more like a burden than a benefit. (BTW: throwing axes have the same problem!)

My suggestion:

Pressing :purple_square: or X once reloads the weapon until you cancel the reloading by shooting, swapping weapons, blocking or pressing :purple_square:/X again. Meanwhile you can use the right stick to look around, check your environment and move on simultaneously, as it should be. Basically it’s a normal reloading process without holding the button permanently.

What do you think? What’s your experiences and suggestions? I really want to help, because it’s an amazing game with a very friendly and high skilled community. :+1:

Greetings and have a good time!

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Good point

Yup. 3 years in, can’t map our own m/kb or controller on console lol

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It would be amazing to configurate the controller settings by your own needs and individual for every character. Compared with a save and load function for different builds would be a big step in the right direction. :pray: