Unable to Progress on ''Kill 750 Dregs with Ranged' weekly contract

I’m now at lvl 13 as a psyker and 4 completed missions into my 15 mission weekly and I cannot gain progress on this weekly. I’ve tried head pops, I’ve tried running an entire mission with a force staff using both primary and secondary fire, and I’ve done a full mission using nothing but my revolver (unless I had to head pop) and I still have 0/750 dregs killed with Ranged.

Feeling a little bugged, waste of cash to reroll stuff constantly

What enemies have you been fighting?
The Cultists?

I was 0/750 for 7 completed missions before I somehow got credit for 45 kills. I did nothing differently in that mission than the other 7.

Usually the yellow robed ppl are considered dregs as far as I noticed. I had issues last week, but i managed to complete my dregs quest last week.

A really good mission to “farm” dreg kills is the map where you start from the sewers and kill a boss.
Also got plenty dreg kills in investigation missons, so te barracks are good also.

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Aye, it’s possible that you haven’t killed any dregs since then, and have only been killing scabs. Please let me know if the contract progresses correctly when fighting dregs.

I have the same problem; I’m a level 23 Zealot and I cannot get even 1/750 on both ranged and melee kills. None of my weekly contracts will update, with absolutely no way of fixing it no matter what I try. Revolver, Flamer, Autogun, head shots, body shots. In melee weak spot hits, combat axe, knife, absolutely nothing is capable of progressing these missions. And before anyone asks if I’m killing Scabs or Dregs, the decisive answer is both in the thousands by now.

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I’d suggest you make a new thread in the tech support section, Jarl, they might be able to help ya