Weekly contracts completely stopped?

just need to finish my melee kill scab weekly its only got 200 to go , 6 missions done its not updated at all . have these completely died now?

Dude, they are called weeklies for a reason. If you want maximise your gains, play multiple characters at the same time.

think your misunderstanding me , the progress isnt registring ive been stuck at the same point for last 6 missions

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Ah, that sounds like an issue. Does it apply to specific type of missions or all of them? I did notice the book related tasks can be buggy, also in some cases you have to physically pick up the book to progress.

not sure it looks like the entire lot just hasnt updated at all , at least 2 of them im 100% sure (scab and dreg melee kills) the scriptures and mission total im 90% sure havent moved

its always been a bit hit and miss but never had a run like this , its just if i get that scab melee one done today i can get a very well rolled yellow accatan recon las :wink:


didn’t work yesterday either. end game screen also shows total kills: 0.

it worked int he evening , actually got a in game message during the mission when i completed the task. not sure if that is new or i just didnt notice

The kill missions are sometimes slow to register. It usually does continue your progress, so don’t worry.

back in the beta it seemed to be an error with updates , and a relog tended to clear it. earlier today the missions definetely were simply not counted. but it was working later. actually recieved message in game when the task was completed. which i dont recall seeing before , could of easily missed

edit no missions updated. kills scrips or missions total

The biggest ones to not count progress are gathering scriptures/grims, and complete missions with no one downed. Between all the people in my friend group, there are dozens of cases of this happening where the missions we just played only counted progress for some of us.