Unable to Hear Backstab...AT ALL

I have no idea where to stick this as I’m sure it’s not a bug, but more of a technical issue.

I am unable to hear backstab noises in game… at all. At first I thought my sound setup was just strange, but I can hear them whenever I play internal test; just not in live. I have my sound cranked all the way up to 100, but while voices are loud; menu noises, ambient noise, etc. is just super, super soft. Backstab noises don’t exist at all.

Is the audio different between the two versions, and is there any way I can fix it? Not having backstab is making my pc gameplay super painful.

That is super weird! Posting your dxdiag will he helpful as it may be audio device related.

I suspect this is an issue on our end which has been patched in Internal Test, I appreciate it’s an inconvenience but it may simply be a case of waiting on Internal Test to be pushed live. :frowning:

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For sure! FWIW, I hear them just fine on console as well, just not on PC live. Do you need any logs in the meantime, or should we be good to go? I’m in the process of playing on PC more and would love to be sure I can hear the sound cues I need to come WoM release. :slight_smile:

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