Sound Bug, 2.0.12

Testing the new patch, first game went fine. Loaded back into the keep, everything was fine. Started the next game, someone joined in progress. When we got into the game, the sound was all messed up. It was very low, I had to crank it up to max on my headset and I still couldn’t hear things like the backstab noise and other sound ques.

Everyone in the party had the same issue. The guy who joined thought it was him and left, didn’t fix it.


console-2019-09-25-13.54.37-ebedd6a6-d747-4acf-8df6-561fa8fc43dd.log (958.7 KB)

Edit: it reminds me of the old HM bug that made everything sound underwater sort of. It was weird, as I could hear normal sound ques but things like the elevator was really loud with the sound turned up.

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Have popped this over to one of our Sound Designers. Thank you for reporting!

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