Tzeentch: Bolts of Change Crashing

Hello, I’ve never used an actual forum so I hope I am doing this correctly, but I was suggested to post this here by Tazar from the Vermintide subreddit.

The Tzeentch debuff that is mentioned in the title causes consistent crashing on my Xbox Series X and my friends OG Xbox.

We crashed a total of four times. If enemies wander into the radius of the circle, and should they change to other enemies, such as specials, our games will crash. It did not happen all the time, but if four or more enemies were in the radius of the circle, we would crash without fail.

Again, first time using a forum so I apologize if I did something wrong. Just wanted to make sure this was documented. Thank you.

Thank you for your report, I’ve added this to our database. Could you also please PM me your Gamertag?

For whatever reason, I was not allowed to send you a PM, but my GT is WaffleBear77.

Thank you!

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