Xbox series s/Game crashes on start - Taal’s Horn Keep loading screen

I recently just completed the first vermintide on my (xbox series s), which worked perfectly, I really enjoyed the experience, so I purchased vermintide 2, the problem is, I can play the prologue perfectly fine, no problems at all. I go to start a new game, and while it loads
Taal’s Horn keep after the priest intro trailer, as soon as it finishes loading, the game just crashes then closes the game completely, sending me back to the xbox menu. I’ve rinsed and repeated this process 30 times and still the exact problem. I also did a fresh re install, and the problem still occurs. All my other games work perfectly well on my (xbox series s) so it’s not a console issue, there seems to be a game breaking bug that occurs when loading into Taal’s keep and upon load completion, as I’ll hear some in game sounds for a split second then the audio buzzes then the game closes. I’d love to be able to continue my gaming experience with vermintide 2. What if this is a current problem for vermintide 2 on all (xbox series s) consoles for all those who purchased the game. Because as of now that port of the game is completely unplayable.

We’re working on this right now, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

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Im having the same issue.

Same issue for me. It’s really annoying as really looking forward to get stuck into the game

Hey fatshark do you have any idea when these issues will be fixed because im looking forward to playing.

I do have an update! Unfortunately, due to the nature of your crashes, it requires a patch (and cannot simply be updated via the backend, which does not require a patch). The patching process is quite lengthy for console (compared to Steam), so I predict the patch will be released during the week beginning the 20th, however I cannot say this with complete certainty right now. :frowning:

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience, I completely understand how this could sour your experience especially as new players. Of course, if you would rather opt for a refund, please explain your issue to Microsoft Support who will be happy to help with that.

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