Game freezes while loading into talhorn keep on xbox


My buddy and I just redownloaded vermintide 2 because we are pumped for dark tide to come out. It had been quite sometime since we last played, and I couldn’t really tell you how long it has been but we do have the shadows over bogenhafen dlc.

As we were exploring all of the new stuff we noticed the door to the chaos wastes. We both entered while in our own lobby’s and the just instantly game crashed. We both thought “no biggie, we’ll just load it back up.”… it never loaded back up.

We can get past the main menu and even play through the prologue but as soon as we go to load into talhorn keep, the game freezes while in the load screen. Usually occurs on the tail end of the load time. We have both tried reinstalling the game, as well as deleting our save data, and neither has worked.

We are both on xbox, except I’m on the Xbox one and he’s on the series X.

Any help is appreciated!

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Please could you PM me your GamerTags? We’ll look in to it!

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How do I PM? Ive tried looking for the mail symbol when I look at your avatar, and I do not see it.

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A TAG do meu amigo é LUIANRS
ele joga no x box one x

Julia, meu amigo também voltou a jogar e após ele aceitar a primeira missão depois do download ele foi para o início e não consegue mais voltar ao lobby do jogo… Fica em um load infinito e no final do jogo da um crash, no máximo entrar no prólogo

I am having the same problem. The game loads, goes through the intro, i get to character select ans just as its going into the keep, the game freezes first then crashes every time. This is on xsx, gamertag: spstripmachine

I have been having the same issues I re-downloaded the game and now I can’t even get into the keep my Xbox gamer tag is LoafOfCatFat please I really would love to play this game again

I am having the same issue, but I figured it out that it is only happening to my gamertag (Compredator1180) when I used my brother or my son it has no issue but has soon I use mine it crashes the game.

I try everything form uninstalling, hard reset, turn off the internet and I even deleted the save file but I can’t seem to solve the issue on my Xbox Series X.

I just got back into the game and I bought for my son so we can both play it this summer with the new DLC please help.

I’m having the same issue

VagrantBinkie, Xbox series x

I’m having the same issue. Game crashes before I can enter the keep. Tag is VagrantBinkie, Xbox series x

We’re working on resolving this for all right now! No need to send us your GamerTags any more.

Thanks for your patience all, and apologies for the inconvenience.

Hi Julia - I don’t want to bug, but just curious if there was a possible ballpark ETA for the fix. The only reason I ask is that I have the crash bug too on my XsX and I just bought the game this past weekend. Would love to try it out when it’s up and running. Thanks!

Hello! It should be up and running normally by now - are you still having problems?

No. The bug seems fixed. It’s loading for me. Thank you so much for the help!

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