Twitch mode customization

Fatshark did great on twitch mode before.
Blessing/weekly toggle was amazing. You can also edit timer and spawn rate as you wish. Personally, twitch mode is the most fun mode for me.

I suggest a bit more customization option. Toggle almost everything. Works like spawn tweak mod. You can disable curse, stormfiend, specific blessings. That would be perfect customizable difficulty. Don’t even need modded realm.
Also, can set spawn rate per unit. You can spawn 200% monster, 150% CW and 300% assassin.

The reason I thought about this is that I felt unit balance is quite not good. Playing 200% twitch, 2 monsters are fun, 2 x assassins are impossible as last standing, 2 x leechs are not that dangerous even though you are alone. Curse of Anraheir is not fair. Sometimes it’s certain death and BOT don’t understand curse.

If you could turn off negative aspects like that, it would kind of be a cheat mode. I’ve already seen someone use this stuff with super low timers to effectively get god mode with machine gun throwing axes :grinning:
Though yes, customization would always be welcome.

Yeah, It can be cheat mode already. If you set spawn rate as 0, you can only get blessing and curse. There will be no real difference whether you can customize or not. I also used that on engineer challenge. Fatshark can set minimum spawn rate as like 20~30% only if it can be serious problem. But I think that’s cool trick and want it to stay.

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