Twitch Enabled Games Need to be Flagged in the Lobby Browser or Blockable

Topic name. Twitch enabled games are frankly unfun and pointlessly hard, and I want nothing to do with them ever. Either allow players to block them from matchmaking, or flag them in the game lobby so I can avoid them.

Chat spawning mobs every 30 seconds is entirely imbalanced, but that’s it’s own discussion.


Well, you are misrepresenting what twitch mode actually does. Having no desire to play it is perfectly fine, but it doesn’t do what you say it does.

There are negative and positive outcomes, some twitch runs are easier than regular runs because of it.


I play Twitch Mode a lot, as it does bring up some extra challenge and interest to the game after vanilla Legend starts feeling boring and the group spends their Deeds, but I agree very much that it’s unfair for people joining into Quickplay or through the Lobby to get into something they didn’t ask for - and likely have a hard time to handle.

As an aside, though, Twitch mode has, as @anon26183726 said, both positive and negative outcomes and without adjusting them from a specific file, they come with a 30 second delay and 45 second voting time iirc, so they come out less than once in a minute. If the total time between events is 30 seconds, it’s been adjusted (though somewhat moderately) into what is often called “hypertwitch”.

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I support your goal 100%.

As those above have stated: not exactly pointless if people are doing it an enjoy it. Needless to say, you are right that you should be able to choose whether or not you experience it!

To be fair, you don’t even need all the tomes and grims on hyper twitch. You’ll get around 15-20+ dice during runs which makes up for them. You of course still take them for the challenge. But normal twitch on it’s own isn’t really that much of a difficulty gap. Considering you have regen and unlimited ammo buffs popping up a lot along with the potion buffs.

But yea, it should be able to be turned on and off in the QP search.

I agree.

On the other hand we should take into consideration that there are skill gaps where only a 5% increase in difficulty might appear trivial to one person while another person is wiped off the map. The tipping point is a very small one depending on skills & experience.

When I first started playing Vermintide 1 I was 100% sure that no one on earth could run Cataclysm while I was struggling getting through the game on normal. Depending on where we are at we all have a different breaking point :stuck_out_tongue:

I support this.
Especially if I would be able to select to join twitch games first.


Joining a normal twitch enabled game is quite cool, although depending upon when you join it can be a bit annoying. Also, I’m going to repeat other people and say boon of regen followed by boon of speed and ammo dumps can make it much much easier, and of course there’s some real beatings happen when it goes the other way.

Joining hypertwitch games as someone quite new to legend is a complete battering on an unprecedented scale and hugely demoralising for those who join.

I’d like to be able to select Twitch enabled games from the lobby browser if I want, and others should be able to block them from QP. Simple really.


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