Twitch mod timer

Hi, Just wondering if it is possible to make a timer where once the vote is casted and then initialised, would be nice to see a countdown timer to when that twitch modifier starts and ends like the ult timer.

i know some are like 10,15 seconds long but sometimes you are in fighting and not even sure if something got activated or the modifier started/ended.

Would just be a nice addition.

There should be an icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. It’ll be a buff/debuff icon. The only ones you won’t see are the ones affecting a single player, such as bleed out, curse of (movement), and single-character root. The single player who is affected by the buff/debuff will be the one who sees it in the bottom left corner.

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hmm never really noticed it, but i’ll see if I can spot it. Might be the mod that may have disabled it perhaps? gonna have do some tinkering

You see icon for mutators, buff or debuf among other buffs, I don’t think any mode would disable this by default, it wouldn’t make any sense to disable bar with buffs.