Time Counter


why is there a time counter on right bottom side?
can we remove it somehow?

I hadn’t even noticed it… That’s how little it’s in the way :þ

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I like it, implementing a mod I was already using (Mission Timer)


Except it’s implemented so badly that Twitch mode integration logo covers it up.It’s my one main gripe with Mission Timer mod as you cant move it around,same goes for Twitch mode logo(can only be disabled completely with UI Tweaks).Was hoping that they’d atleast add options to change its location when they implemented it themselves


I also noticed it only because I use the mission timer mod, and now one covers up the other. They also show significantly differing times for some reason.

Update, 8 Dec - Change from Season 4:

Moved the mission timer to the TAB screen.

Topicstarter, you happy now?

We live in strange world. How do Fatshark choose which requests to satisfy? Why not fix the bots, or ШoM? But no, moved the mission timer is more important…

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…or it was a simple fix done by someone who is not working on the bot AI.
Imagine that, having multiple employees working on different things. What a strange world indeed.

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