Twitch Integration:Twitch chat

When you connect you can see your twitch chat in the mission selection screen and it scrolls in realtime, with comments appearing as they are typed.

While many Streamers have their own chat method set up, being able to actually see the twitch chat in In Game chat might be good as it’ll all be on one screen.

The functionality is there as the chat streams into the mission select window.

Am I missing something?

Would it be a good idea to have your the twitch chat appear in in-game chat?

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There’s a mod that shows you Twitch Chat ingame(Unsanctioned) but it’s quite outdate,alongside having limitations in the form of what Twitch emotes it can show(there is a Vermintide emote pack suggested to use with it iirc).There’s issues with the mod however where it straight up crashes the game if the viewers used emotes it doesn’t support.

It would be a nice feature to have built into the game(just like Autoblock) but I’d dare say it isn’t in their priority list for an eventual Twitch 3.0(2.0 or 3.0?) update.

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