Turtolsky Heavy Sword special attack doesn't stagger ragers anymore

Issue Description:
The Turtolsky Heavy Sword special attack doesn’t stagger ragers anymore, doesn’t matter the mark.
I don’t know if it’s intended but this wasn’t mentionned in the patch notes, previously ragers would play the shock electrocute animation when hit by the special attack of the sword

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Launch Psykanarium
  2. Equip a Turtolsky heavy sword (doesn’t matter the mark)
  3. Special attack a rager
  4. It doesn’t get staggered


Player ID:
[Steam ID/Steam Profile URL/GamerTag]

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
22/02/2023, 13:25 CET

Reproduction Rate:
Constant 100%

Edit : I just saw this " Changed stagger category to fix some issues with unwanted hit reactions.", does that mean that the change is intended ?

It’s intended, but likely to be revised further in a future update.

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I hope you change that back. That’s one of my favourite special attacks in the game and Ragers were the primary use case.


Is the ogryn shovel weapon special ever going to be fixed?

Why? Nobody wants this, and it made this sword a somewhat viable choice, it’s under powered already. Now it’s pretty useless, it also seems to crit way less then before btw.

I just don’t follow these type of nerfs …

It’s in no way underpowered lol. Head taker makes it insane and now with the hugely buffed rampage its damage output potential is actually kinda insane. Doesn’t change the fact that its special attack in no way needed a utility nerf, but ain’t gonna pretend heavy sword is suddenly bad now. It’s a pretty high tier weapon with the right blessings.

yes and multiple ragers are your biggest threat in melee, and that short stun was a good and fun way to deal with them. It required some skill to do it right but still very satisfying if you pulled it off. Now it the sword is more boring and less usefull, it lost it’s unique flavor imo. There are other weapons who can do the same thing but better now.
So yeh kinda useless or purposeless weapon now if you ask me.

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