Turning off the Steam Web Helper helps improve performance

One of the guys in the Korean community said that the amount of memory the Dark Tide devoured was so strange

So he accidentally turned off the Steam Web helper while he was organizing the programs

The Dark Tide’s memory has been reduced from 4000 to 1000
And it can be maintained at more than 60 fps

It didn’t work for me and some users But most users have confirmed that it works

The other guy explained that the memory problem was right
Due to the graphic bottleneck, the overworking of the cpu and the memory of processing the cpu’s instructions were also naturally overworked

And he said, "What I felt after all the problems was that the game itself was very well optimized, and I was able to maintain the fps90 at a high option while using 2700x and 1080ti "

I’m not an expert and I don’t know if it’s true because this method didn’t work on me

But I wanted to let other communities and fatshark know about this

If anyone is experiencing this problem, it’s worth a try

Does that affect matchmaking or social UI stuff at all if disabled?

Everything’s working fine

I’m using Steam no-browser mode to disable Steam Web Helper

Both social functions and matchmaking work, except that Steam Store is not available

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I’ll give this a try then. Thanks for the heads up.

So he accidentally turned off the Steam Web helper while he was organizing the programs

Maybe I’m a fool, but how do you do that?

Yeeeah… That’s a little weird. I can’t turn it off in Task Manager

But all I know is that I can turn off the steam web helper in steam no-browser mode

Maybe he did the same i guess?

If you ever try it, tell me if it works plz

Is there a resource you would recommend on how to get no-browser mode? The guides I’m seeing are like 4 years old and not sure if still applicable

If you’re talking about putting on “-no-browser + open team://open/minigameslist”

that’s right, it gonna applicable

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Thanks. I found a script that opens it without the web helper, so I’ll give that a shot later tonight

So I’ll have to play with it more but it seems to have helped my performance SIGNIFICANTLY. I’m not sure if my max FPS has gone up but I didn’t experience any slowdown at all.