Turn V-Sync Off - for those having fps/performance issues

Hey, I’ve had FPS issues and micro jitter/stutters since launch. Been struggling to get 30-40 fps while in game at best with my RTX 2070 at 1440p.
I’m used to playing other games at 4k max settings with 50+ fps, or 100+ fps at 1440p.

As my CPU is well below the recommended minimum I simply figured it wasn’t up to snuff, so I’ve been overclocking it which has usually given me about +5-10 FPS making the game slightly smoother and more playable, but still those weird little jitters and stutters have remained.

I’ve simply powered through the issues, but today I was testing out some nvidia DSR smoothing variations and decided to remove the in game vsync for some reason… don’t remember why, anyway, I noticed how immediately I gained +15 fps and jitters/stutters went away.

I’ve since tested different resolutions, worker thread counts and DSR settings and now I’m playing at 50+ smooth fps at 1620p, with no dips or jitter or stutters and I’ve also removed my Overclock as it’s no longer needed.
The only change I made was remove the in game V Sync and it removed all weird performance and lower fps.

So I’m guessing there might be an issue with your v sync implementation? or it might be on my end?
After turning off V-Sync in game, I attempted to enable it using nvidia control panel to see if that worked, but for some reason that had a similar effect to the in game setting, just not as bad.

I’ve never had v sync issue in any games, whether in game or using nvidia control panel so this was a first for me.
I also tested with or without other settings to see if it might’ve been something else, but v-sync was always the culprit of the issues.
Maybe this is just a Me issue, but maybe it’ll help someone else, i figured I’d just leave this here for others to see.

So if you’re having performance issues, jitter/stutters or simply weirdly lowered fps, try turning off your v sync in game and in nvidia control panel and see if it helps you too.

I’ll give it a try sometime in the next couple of days and come back and say whether it helped me or not as well.