True to 40k Lore Difficulty

Sedition difficulty should be near impossible. Never ending Hordes of Poxwalkers trying to eat your face off. Crushers, Maulers, and Ragers like flies on stink. Every mission should start with Mazosi not even landing, just the striketeam jumping out into a sea of death and dismemberment. There should be no rezzing casualties, and if you actually succeed in completing your mission you should be shot by the Commissar for possibly being tainted by the foul corruption of thousands of Chaos infected enemies.

There. No need to make up a new Difficulty level, just make it more 40k-ish. lol


add a new difficulty level with permadeath


Now you’re talking! lol

If it was 40k ish we would all be dead after mission one.

Even if you made it home your infected guaranteed :slight_smile:

Pretty sure even a fly bite would kill you.


No because only the weak in faith get sick

If they died it’s because they didn’t believe in the Emperor

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But then if they live, maybe they made a deal with chaos…

Maybe safer to kill anyone who survives, just to be sure

zactly! lol

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Funny you mentioned that. I said that few weeks ago, that in the 5th character slot I might create a character which I will delete when we fail a mission. Dark(Souls)Tide.

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