Sedition difficulty could do with some tweaking

This is a “minor” complaint, but I’ve made multiple characters with my 5th slot just to experiment, none of them going past level 5, and I’ve noticed a very strange thing.

Every first mission I’ve done with those characters, on the lowest difficulty, is stupidly packed with things that firstcomers would not handle well.

Early daemonhost, which is a near guaranteed fail because newcomers love shooting at everything, since nobody at that level can really handle it or deal enough damage to take it out.
Then afterwards, if the group somehow got past that, a monstrosity.

On my most recent character, a psyker, I first did a sedition mission and then I did an uprising high intensity mission. Just to compare and my experience was that the sedition mission was way more difficult. The only difference with my character was 1 level and a worse melee weapon for the second mission. The “higher difficulty” mission had no monstrosity and no daemonhost.

And this has happened multiple times, feels like it is a guarantee to get a daemonhost on a character’s first mission now, and I can’t help but wonder how many players have quit this game because their first mission experience was to get a mission failure.

I can understand wanting to showcase all the cool things that can happen in a mission, but maybe wait with the daemonhosts till after sedition?

If poeple drop the game, because they don´t get some basics or lose their first mission, then they would probably drop it even mission nr. 10 if that´s the first loss so…

It´s just about the AI director throwing stuff on you. Even on higher difficulties you´ll sometimes have no monstrosities, sometimes 2-3 deamonhosts, another time 2 spawns of nurgle, whatever.
I highly doubt the game will be like “Oh there is a newcomer in the team, lets throw everything onto him!”.
Just as example i haven´t seen Plague-Ogryns for 3-4 days after the latest patch and encountered double-spawns of the beast pretty much every game. I´ve asked here if it might be some bug, but others still had different experiences.

Also encountering pretty much everything there will help the players better to get used to the game. I´m sure a lot will jump into uprising immediately anyway.