Troll Attack Cancel Bug

Issue Summary:
Bile Trolls have a tendency to have no delay between attacks if they are under/near a surface that causes them to crouch, either briefly or indefinitely. Happens often in cave areas and sometimes near ledges that cause trolls to crouch when positioned correctly. See examples (including a pretty salty one, because it’s killed me a few times) below.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Kite/spawn a Bile Troll into an area with low ceilings/overhanging ledges
  2. Cause him to crouch, can be caused by making him perform a running attack into a low area
  3. Observe attacks in sequence with no delay, also no turn delay (180s are possible)

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Easy to replicate with any overhanging ledge or low ceiling, have shown in video below. Around the 50-60 second mark, troll can be seen chaining 4 attacks together with no delay in between (Running sweep, arm sweep, running chop, arm sweep)

Constant (100%)

Additional Information:

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DxDiag.txt (120.7 KB)

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console-2019-02-23-06.03.27-C592C376-41C3-4C97-A9A3-CA31.log (351.6 KB)


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