Bosses attack without animations

Issue Summary:
Bödvarr and Bile Troll have exhibited this behaviour where they will do damage (attack) without showing an animation for it. I have attached videos of those two examples as it’s hard to explain what happens exactly.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Rare (< 10%)

https: //

Bile Troll:
https: //

Console log from Bile Troll incident:
console-2018-12-20-14.01.42-38D16C75-D4B0-4B00-8B59-8254.log (410.6 KB)

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for Bile Troll thats from version 0.1 of the game from the start.
i dont understand every single update FS fix a lot of things… BUT they know how to return a lot of old bugs they already fix.
fix 10 bugs return 100 old bugs… amazing copy & paste company

Recently had a bile troll attack me without animation as well:

Can’t time stamp because I’m on the phone, it happens around 3:50

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