Tried to return...never coming back

I won’t bore you with my VT2 stats and hours spent in tide and co-op games. You’ve read that a thousand times already. Just came here to vent - went back to the game after some 4 month or so. Two pitiful updates with a “new” map and a new condition. Looked past that and decided to just have some fun slaying. After going through the unbearable loading times and load screens upon load screens, I managed to have three decent games, the rest being BS like loading into an already lost match THREE TIMES IN A ROW IN AN UNSKIPPABLE FAILED MISION DEBRIEF SCREEN ONLY TO BE LOADED BACK TO THE HUB AND QUEUE FOR LOADING INTO ANOTHER GAME FOR THE SAME F****** RESULT, followed by a loading black screen that forced me to alt+f4.
Yeah, I’ll sigh over the botched balance, buggy enemies, weapons and skills, clueless teammates, spaghetti code and eons of loading screen time, but then the game is actively making it difficult to even get into a gameplay loop, because every matchmaking search is a game of russian roulette.

So yeah, I decided to give the game another chance and what I got was a kick in the balls and a spit in the face and I’m never coming back to this botched excuse of a game dressed in W40K fanboy bait. I really wish the artistic team would just cut ties with FS and found a better employer. It’s just so much more of a disappointment when artistically(well, story aside lol) the game is excellent and technically it’s a steaming pile of donkey dung.

I know how FS did with VT2, so yeah, DT is gonna survive as a mutated caricature of what it might be, but it ain’t gonna be pretty and after three games I think I’m ultimately done with FS’s BS.


i think you just have a crap internet, which is not their fault but makes things a lot worse for this game’s matchmaking.


This isint an airport. You dont have to announce your departures…you can just go.


This is just super bad luck. Was it all the same failing run or 3 different runs that all happened to be failing in quick succession?

My worry is that DT won’t survive in any playable form. Don’t forget that every past Fatshark game to rely on dedicated servers has become essentially lostware at this point, because Fatshark has a nasty tendency to shut down the servers without providing the community any means of continuing to play. VT2 got lots of flak back in the day for having P2P instead of dedicated servers, but that very same P2P ensures that the game will always be playable online.

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War of the Rose/Viking was shut down by the publisher.

Here FS is its own publisher


VT2 still uses servers for matchmaking, so at the minimum the community would need to find a way to emulate said matchmaking servers if it shut down. I’m not sure if it uses Steam’s networking for just the basic connections if you could at least just do regular custom matches with no matchmaking regardless though.

That said, I’d still greatly prefer if Darktide used P2P, I fully expected the servers to end up being… what they are. At absolute best for my friend group (and in general) we end up with roughly similar to what we had connection wise since I hosted along with me also getting to experience latency, at worst we get the unstable mess of hit reg and whatnot that it currently has.

I’m sure modders could figure that out pretty easily. It’s not like there’s any skill or progress matching going on, it’s literally just filter matching.

i havent flown in ages, do you realy have to get up and say " i am leaving on a plane now!" before boarding? :wink:

That is why i always say,

Live service is the worst thing that can happen to a game like this.

I can boot up and play V1 or V2 any time i want. I wont be able to do that with DT because of what? Dedicated servers that for some reason performs worse than vermintide p2p connection?

I don’t understand why devs do this to their games. Its easiest way to kill a game like this. This is not an MMO or a MOBA, this is a COOP game. There is literally 0 need for live service. Its a massive waste of resources.

Go work for Creative Assembly on Total Warhammer please, they had an FPS team at one point. Revive it and try again.

It won’t, DT is already far below VT2 in current active players, right now, today. There are more people playing VT2 right now than DT and after they ruin the Sienna release that is also going to drop.

That is pretty incorrect. A whole lot of stuff is managed server side. DT goes down with FS.

During the dark time of VT2 it went just a low, it will be fine (And they have premium shop cash flow

I was there. Since VT1. This isn’t the same and it won’t be fine lol. Most of the team from that time have moved on. And current FS have shown an explicit desire to do away with basically all QoL/lessons from the VT series.

The person I was replying to was talking about V2, not DT. I’m not even sure V2’s central servers are doing much other than maybe acting as a connection broker and maybe handling character info and loot. Haven’t they already confirmed there’s a fully offline version they use internally anyway?

I usually do. People should be informed about my actions, or so my resoc officer said.

Same here, haven’t played for a month and some, just sometimes browse the forum to see if anything changed.

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i think it would be less frustrating to just boot the game launcher and see if there’s any news. like half the people here have been ranting about problems that got fixed because it didn’t 1:1 match their suggestions on how they wanted it fixed, it’s crazy.

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Oh yes my apologies. I doubt FS would willingly release that version, but I have heard about it too.

lol, player numbers don’t lie

Players: “We need to get him to a damn medic to stop the bleeding!”
FS: “Here’s a band-aid!”
Ol_Jakal: “He’s been healed! Huzzah!”


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