Trauma Force staff is actually pretty good now

The Warp change really made the staff so much better to use as well as (I think) the increase of the charge rate of its alt fire.

Warp charge?

It’s certainly less bad. Not sure if… actually good. I don’t have a super high rolled one, though. Looking at the available blessings, it seems most of them shouldn’t even exist on the staff. Can’t really think of any blessings you’d actually want beyond warp flurry. Rending is pointless on Trauma, run and gun pointless, anything to do with crits or weakpoints is equally pointless.

The staffs in general just have absolute crap blessings compared to most anything else.

It was great before, still great now. (Just not quite as good at peril-and-dump toughness generation, but that’s fine since you get a bit more killing power.)

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Eh… the damage is kinda mediocre. For CC i just use lightning staff.

Found out recently rending shockwave ACTUALLY applies brittle to all enemies hit by the alt fire. This is actually quite good. You hit a pack of Ragers in a horde with it then your melee weapon and the whole team is doing more damage to those enemies. Great for debuffing Ragers and Crushers in a horde and making then easier for everyone to finish.

Meanwhile run and gun actually lets you sprint while charging alt fire with trauma which is niche but kinda nice. They also fixed blazing spirit and warp flurry in this patch to work with alt fire which could definitely both have some value depending on what else you’re running.

I’ve been very comfortably running Trauma in Heresy for weeks, now I just get to use it twice as much after this patch which is pretty sweet.


Quell peril blessing is good (it the one that lower your peril on weak spot hit). But i dont clearly understand when this blessing work and when it not work, just because on some hordes i can deal tons of damage without get hi peril, on some hordes i need to quelling manually. And yes, i do same thing - blow up in the middle of the group of enemies.

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Trauma secondary can’t weak point hit. Are you running warp resist on warp charges feat? That may account for the variability. Also keep in mind Psyker has the passive that can reduce peril by 10% when you kill things, so getting inconsistent procs of that could also explain the variance.


I think Trauma is good now but you need to practice a lot to use it effectively so it is not for all of us.
I still hate the whole aim system it has, has to spend more brain power to use it then to follow where the blasted non dead poxwalkers landed, still manage my peril and try to run after my team mates.

In general I will still love purgatus and surge better.

Well, i think its 2 options now.

  1. U are not right
  2. Its a bug, but blessing work. Just try it.

I might give it a try, but flexibility provided by the voidstaff is the reason why I barely play with any other staff types. Trauma has the same issue for me as conflag in V2, cumbersome charge attack and poor range.

Peril. Sorry. Old Trauma staff built up an absurd amount of peril, now its actually usable.

Uses staff for CC and not damage

Trauma is literally better for that now because you can knock an entire horde and everything near it on its arse. Only downside is you cant stun muties.

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…Finally! Someone gets it!

Ok so I “tried” it. After few games with psykers blowing trash mobs under my ogryn’s feet I think I developed a hatred I thought I have reserved only to the purge staff and the flamer. You cannot see s…and not all psykers are smart enough to clean up the mobs which the trauma staff explosion pushed behind you. Never trust a witch.