Rending Shockwave blessing on Trauma Force Staff has no observable benefit

Issue Description:
The Rending Shockwave blessing, which can be acquired on the Equinox Mk III Trauma Force Staff, provides no observable benefit. Damage dealt against an armored enemy (carapace armored crusher in the example video) is the same when dealt by a staff without the blessing compared to a staff with the blessing.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Acquire two Equinox Mk III Trauma Force Staff, one with the Rending Shockwave blessing and one without
  2. Perform a fully charged Secondary Action with the epicenter in the middle of the crusher’s hitbox
  3. Observe the damage values for each attack

Mission Name (If Applicable):
Meat Grinder


Player ID:
Steam ID: 76561198122666232

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
01/13/2023, 07:45 PM GMT-8

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

Upload Console Log:
console-2023-01-14-02.49.31-5b8484c7-53b5-4317-ac5b-eb4b00e79f7c.log (205.9 KB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (366.5 KB)

Rending pushes armour multiplier towards 1. For Trauma staff it already has an armour multiplier of 1 for every armour type except infested. If you look at the damage table you’ll notice the secondary fire has the same damage listed for every enemy type except infested.

This has been reported before and is not a bug, just the way rending works doesn’t help trauma staff particularly. It can help reach poxwalker one shot on Damnation since even a max damage roll won’t do that without warp charges, infested perk or damage at high peril feat, even then it doesn’t help much.

Considering in other cases rending can actually lower damage I do hope they reconsider how it functions.


Your comment may be correct, though the intent of this isn’t to claim that it isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do, but rather that regardless of the reason a blessing is providing no value to a weapon, which I would classify as a bug. It may ride the line between a bug and a bad feature, but that is mostly subjective. So I will leave this up for tracking purposes in the event that they ever address it.

So, I asked around this time and it turns out there IS a bug here, actually.

Rending Shockwave is supposed to apply Brittleness, not Rending, which means it’s mostly there to help your allies deal damage to the target, not yourself (although, indeed, it still helps you against Infested)

For clarity, Brittleness is essentially Rending, but the entire team benefits from it against the debuffed target for 5 seconds.

And for extra clarity, the bug here is in the description, the blessing should correctly apply brittleness to the target. If everything is working correctly, you should be able to test this by switching to your melee weapon and hitting the bugger to notice the damage difference.


This appears to be resolved as of “Blessings of the Omnissiah” patch today 2023-02-22 with the blessing text being updated to reflect the actual effect (Brittleness)


It still makes it a blessing that is utterly and completely useless for the weapon it is on

It’s a fantastic support blessing. My absolute go-to.

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Rending does not lower damage since some time ago. It either does nothing or its a net positive.
Edit: jesus did not notice the dates

Bro look at when the post you’re responding to is from. That was fixed after I posted that.

Oh shush, you’re the only one salty enough to complain about a good debuff that helps both your melee weapon and your full team. You’re just squinting to see things to be mad about at this point.

It happens to be on a weapon that has no good blessings. Crit blessing? Have you looked at the crit multiplier for the secondary attack? Soulblaze on crit? Don’t make me laugh. Run n Gun? Please. Terrifying Barrage? On Trauma? Yeah that’ll really make a difference. The only half good blessing is faster charge after the first charge. And then we’re left with rending shockwave, which would benefit your team if they’re running a weapon with awful carapace damage, if they somehow decided to try to use that on the crusher after you’ve blasted it. Oh yeah, real good.

Like basically every weapon save very very few have less than 1x carapace damage so yeah it’s likely benefiting every melee and ranged weapon on your team, or at least very close to. Makes a lot of flak enemies easier to finish with DS too. It’s just generally a solid debuff that adds an extra utility. I think that’s vastly more interesting than just +X% more damage.

Yes the other blessings suck but conflating two different issues has never made for a convincing argument. I’d love to talk about how to fix its other blessings. RS is neat though and I’d like to see more blessings like it, offering debuffs and team utility is a lot more inspired than most of what’s out there.

I’ll admit I’d be alot less salty about RS being of no self-help whatsoever if there were other viable blessings. There aren’t.

And it’s not like they couldn’t have raised the base damage of Trauma to 500 (an example) and made it have .6 (again example, not exact math) damage modifier to various crap, thus making RS also self-help. But no, they have chosen to only make it support your team (or if you blast once and go to melee, granted.)

I do think it’s funny that they attempted to buff blazing spirit and completely missed the point that it’s the proc chance that’s the problem not the number of stacks. On crit is such an awful trigger condition, especially while warp nexus is almost never giving you more than 1-2 stacks in practice.

Just set it to like a 1 in 3 chance (or even better give it an active condition like after killing 5 enemies in one attack all attacks apply soul blaze for 3-5 seconds) to apply 2-3 stacks and you could happily run a hybrid Trauma/Void + Ascendant Blaze build and have some nice extra build variety.

Really, it should be on full charge hit. It’s not like 3 soulblaze can kill anything.

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Not just that, but a small dot after a big crit on an enemy feels kinda useless. The crit attack most likely killed it already. I just wish the surge staff could roll it, even if it is a weaker version that applies less stacks

Not necessarily. Trauma has a pretty big outer blast radius that does minimal damage, so the burn dot could add a decent amount of extra DPS on large crowds. Regardless the main point would not be the bonus damage but that follow up kills on burning targets can generate warp charges with ascendant blaze so you can build up for those big 6 warp stack ascendant blaze ults.

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Yeah, I was trying to get surge staff with the blaze ult to work, but generating charges is a bit of an issue with only the 5% chance on kill to get it. (running 6 stacks to get the most out of the burning dot)

While the combination of Surge CC with ult clearing hordes was awesome, it could use some more warp stack generation. If surge could apply soulblaze, that might help it in that regard.